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It doesn't matter if you're new to photography and have been doing it for years, online photography courses have a lot to offer for everyone. There are so many different kinds of photography courses online that you're really spoiled for choice. The main draw towards learning photography is to buy better in the future and what better pastime could you ask for. Photography is all about learning as even the most advanced photographer will tell you, there is always new things you can learn everyday associated with photography and it is techniques.

Online photography courses

A perfect place to start searching for online photography courses within the Photography course website. Here they have courses for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced photographers. The courses are taught using both film in addition to digital cameras. Some of the general topics that they cover within the online photography classes are choosing cameras, basics of exposure and the composition. There's also specialized online photography courses that deal with nature, sports and portrait photography. And lastly they also have a section on editing the photos.

The Kodak Learning Center is much more of digital photography, but people who work with film also gain to benefit. The tips and tutorials on these web based photography courses are divided into camera basics, photo tips and techniques, enhancing as well as restoring photos, printing, organizing, and sorting digital pictures.

Good Tutorials has user supplied content on it. Though the quality might not be excellent, the content definitely is vast. All content on this site is varied which means you know that the quality of it will be excellent. They can have a whole section on Photoshop. This is a great site for free photography techniques as there is always new things and interesting onto it to look through and learn.

One of the best beginner sites on the internet is This is aimed mostly because the beginner crowd, but that is not to say that advanced photographers won't benefit from it. They have a lot of techniques that all photographers can study from. This websites Tricks and tips section may be the biggest strength of the site overall.